Ethical Hacking: Unveiling the Secrets and Pathways to Becoming an Ethical Hacker in 2024

Ethical Hacking

With the rapid increase in cybercrimes, every business organization and government agency is in need of ethical hackers and now many organizations have understood that they need ethical hackers to protect their systems and their data. There will be a need for a hacker.

And cyber-attacks do not have any fixed pattern and type which can be easily identified, rather there are many types of them like Malware, Phishing, SQL Injection attacks, Cross site scripting and Botnets. In such a situation the situation becomes quite tough.

And you must also know that any system, process, website and device can be hacked, hence now the demand for ethical hackers is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, if you also have interest in such skills and want to make your career in ethical hacking, then the position of ethical hacker will be perfect for you and we will tell you the path and process to reach that position in this blog. Watch the blog till the end.

So, let’s start the blog and first get some information about ethical hacking –

Ethical hacking is a proactive approach to information security.. This is also called penetration testing. Businesses and organizations hire ethical hackers to improve their networks, applications and other computer systems so that their data cannot be stolen or any fraud occurs with them.

Ethical hacking fights cyber terrorism and helps in taking preventive action against hackers.

Ethical hacking means hacking a computer or system with permission. By doing this, the vulnerabilities present in the computer system are detected and for this, software companies hire such expert ethical hackers. who hack their systems or servers and find out the vulnerabilities and ‘weak endpoints’ present in them so that they can be fixed.

The purpose of software companies behind doing this is to protect their system and information from unethical hackers and to make their system so strong that black hat hackers are not able to hack the system.

The word hacking first appeared in the 1960s when machinery at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was hacked to operate better and at that time hacking was considered a compliment to those who were exceptional in computer programming. Used to have skills but with time the use of this technique started increasing in unethical works due to which this word itself started having a negative sound.

Ethical Hacking

Let us now tell you further that there are many types of ethical hacking, which are –

· Web Application Hacking

– System Hacking

– Web Server Hacking

– Hacking Wireless Networks

– Social Engineering

And ethical hacking is completed in a process. which includes these six steps –

1- Reconnaissance

2- Scanning

3- Gaining Access

4- Maintaining Access

5- Clearing Tracks

6- Reporting.

Even during ethical hacking, it is important to keep some things in mind like –

1- Proper approval should be taken before hacking.

2- During ethical hacking, the organization should be given a report of all vulnerabilities and it should also include advice on eliminating those shortcomings.

3- Along with this, respecting data sensitivity is also very important in ethical hacking.

ethical hacking

After knowing so much about ethical hacking, let us now move ahead and know about hackers –

There exist three primary categories of hackers-

– Black hat hacker

– gray hat hacker

– white hat hackers

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Let’s explore each of them individually –

1. Black Hat Hacker –

A black hat hacker is a person who, with malicious intent, enters a system or network without permission and in an unauthorized manner and damages the system security. His purpose behind doing this is often to steal passwords, financial information and other Personal data has to be stolen.

2. Gray Hat Hacker –

Gray hat hackers also hack the system like black hats but they have no malicious intentions. They hack the system and inform all the loopholes and vulnerabilities to the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Their job is often to hack computer systems, find out the flaws present in them and inform the administrator about them so that they can be removed immediately and black hat hackers cannot take advantage of these flaws to break into the system. Gray hat hackers can also fix defects for a nominal fee.

3. White Hat Hackers –

Now let’s talk about white hat hackers, who work with organizations to keep the security of their systems strong. These hackers are called ethical hackers.

Explore each of them in detail –

ethical hacking

The person who carries out ethical hacking is called an ethical hacker, who hacks the system with permission and does not have any malicious intention.

Ethical hackers work with organizations, businesses, military, and government to identify weak points and vulnerabilities in the security of their networks.

They are specialized in ethical hacking tools, techniques and methodologies to keep an organization’s information systems secure.

With their help, a system is created in which hackers cannot break into. With their help, open holes in the computer system and network are detected and closed.

Their job is to disclose every vulnerability present in the company’s security system so that it can be fixed immediately and black hat hackers cannot attack them. Big companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google have their own white hat hackers.

An ethical hacker has answers to all these questions –

– What vulnerabilities does an attacker see in the system?

– What kind of information does the hacker want to access most quickly?

– What does a hacker do with that information?

– What is the best way to fix the vulnerability?

The most common vulnerabilities that ethical hackers discover are –

– Injection attacks

– Sensitive data exposure

– Broken authentication

– Security misconfigurations

– Use of components with known vulnerabilities

After knowing all this about ethical hacker, now if you want to become an ethical hacker then first of all know that for this you will need proper education and knowledge, hence without proper guidance and approval, just try it. Do not try hacking because hacking a system without permission is illegal and there is a provision of imprisonment for many years for the person found guilty for unethical hacking and similar cyber-crimes.

Therefore, follow the process of becoming an ethical hacker completely and then work as an ethical hacker.

And in the process of becoming an ethical hacker, it would be better to know the eligibility criteria first –

For this, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science, which can be any of BSc, B.Tech, BE, BCA. Candidates who have done advanced diploma in network security and its relevant technology can also make ethical hacking a professional career and if you want to become an ethical hacker in big companies of IT sector, then for this you must have certification from a reputed institute. So that your chances of reaching there can increase.

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And some such international certifications are –

– Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council

– Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator by EC-Council

– Holder of the GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) certification from SAN and GIAC.

– Cisco’s CCNA Security

– And Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA)

Apart from these certifications, it is also important for you to have technical skills like –

– Extensive experience in network security field.

– Working knowledge of many types of operating systems.

– Familiarity with Microsoft and Linux servers, Cisco network switches, virtualization, Citrix, and Microsoft Exchange.

– And working knowledge of latest penetration software.

ethical hacking

After skills, you should also know the names of some such institutes in India from where you can do a course in ethical hacking and let us tell you that many colleges in the world now offer ethical hacking courses but you have to choose the best college among them. Will happen, like –

1-Carnegie Mellon University – Masters in Information Security Policy and Management

2-Georgia Institute of Technology – Master of Science in Cybersecurity

3-University of California, Berkeley – Master of Information and Cybersecurity

4-New York University (NYU) – Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy

5-University of Maryland, College Park – Master of Science in Information Management with a specialization in cybersecurity

Let us also know how much scope is there in the career of an ethical hacker and where an ethical hacker can work –

The scope of ethical hacking has now started increasing in India and as computer hacking has increased, government organizations, financial institutions and famous companies have started recruiting skilled ethical hackers so that their information can remain safe and secure and now in India. There is no shortage of ethical hacking jobs and technical hackers are working on high salary packages in top companies like Dell, Google, Wipro, Reliance, Infosys, IBM. Apart from this, many firms also provide ethical hacking services. Is.

And if you have the required skills and educational qualifications then you can apply for any of these positions –

– Data Security Analyst

– Security Auditor

– Network Security Engineer

– Cyber Security Analyst

– Penetration Tester

As far as salary is concerned, as a fresher ethical hacker you can expect an average salary of Rs 5 lakh and higher academic qualifications and work experience can also get you Rs 30 lakh per year, that is, you become an expert in your field, after that The salary package will automatically keep increasing.

Friends, the job of an ethical hacker is quite challenging but your interest and high demand of this job will definitely encourage you to take such challenges.

And then, you also know that cyber criminals are experts in their work. In such a situation, it is important for an ethical hacker to be one step ahead of them. Only then can they understand the mindset of such black hat hackers and protect the systems from their hacking.

Therefore, every organization likes to hire experts and to become an expert ethical hacker, you will need the best course, best certification and best practice.. Only then you will be able to get appointed at the best place, so choose the course wisely and improve your skills. Sharpen the.

Thank you!!!

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